Monday, 4 July 2016

Fight depression the better way! 

Depression is not ‘just sadness’ and stress is not ‘just stress’. Both can have adverse effects on your personal and professional life. It certainly did affect mine! I always thought that depression is a mild condition and like any other tough situation in my life, I can overcome depression too! And I did, but let me tell you, it wasn't easy until someone told me about Moksha – a miraculous product by Swartantra.

Stress in my life never really had one single source. Sometimes my boss made me work overtime for long durations. At times my family asked me for vacations that I couldn’t afford. And sometimes lying on the behalf of my friends to their family got me stressed! This was something inevitable! I mean couldn't just simply leave my job, family or friends! I love them all. Everyone gets stressed and escaping is not really a solution!

I never really got to know exactly when I was hit by depression but it all started with stress. Because of my inability to handle my stress, I started getting depressed. I started behaving like a kid! This started affecting my personal and professional life. My colleagues and my family started keeping their distance from me which made me depressed all the more!

I always hated smoking and despised smokers. Every time I asked a smoker why they smoke, they said “to reduce stress”. I never really understood the logic though that how would smoke help in reducing stress? But apparently somehow it did and hence a lot of them use to do it. So not knowing of a better solution, even I resorted to smoking! And it didn’t really help. In fact, it started affecting my health.

Knowing my situation, my mother got worried. She started searching for solutions and that is when she came across Moksha. Moksha is a unique device which can help reduce your stress levels. I was skeptical at first but I had nothing to lose. So I decided to give Moksha a chance and to my surprise, I started seeing results right from the 1st use itself.  The device was personalized in accordance with my birth year and location. It produces positive vibrations suitable to me who helps me manage and reduce my stress levels.

Road to a better path:

I obviously never looked back after the first use. I not only overcame my stress but also got rid of depression. I meditate daily with Moksha. I am thankful to my mother for introducing me to Moksha and I would personally recommend giving it a shot. Say goodbye to depression the better way, the Moksha way!

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