Wednesday, 6 July 2016

No more a family man

A charted accountant by profession and a part time punching bag by chance - this is a story of a man who has loved and lost pretty much everything. This is my story!

Being the only child of my parents, I was more pampered than the usual kids. Or at least that’s how I felt. My parents love me a little too much. They are possessive and overprotective about me which is a bit weird for a guy’s parents! I had to make calls to my parents every time I changed my location. I would make a call if I was on my way to college, another call once I reach college, lunch call, left from college call, heading for classes call, hanging out with my friends call, call to explain why I couldn’t attend their call and many more calls! It was all too very overwhelming in the start but as I grew older, it started getting a bit irritating. Not to mention all my friends made fun of me. Girls in my group collectively never would have made as many calls as I did to parents.

My marriage was arranged by my mother’s sister. She found a very lovely girl. We had approved each other in the first meet itself. She knew very little about me and my family but that didn’t stop us from getting married. The first few months were magical. Like they say, it was the honeymoon period.

Punching bag:
My wife wasn’t really happy with the overprotective nature of my parents. She somehow thought it was her job! So now I had to make to calls to my wife too! It was like a competition between my wife and my parents as to who can be more protective about me! I couldn’t really stand up to either of them. It started stressing me out. I started feeling like a punching bag. My parents started complaining to me about my wife and vice versa. I felt like a time bomb who can explode anytime.

And I did explode:
Not knowing how to handle my stress any better, my frustrated self just exploded one fine day. This event took place at a special family dinner where my close relatives were present too. I turned that special dinner in to a living hell for everybody present there. I said horrible things that I can’t take back. I was abusive at the dining table. No body knew that this side of me existed, not even me! I lost the love I use to get from my family and my wife. Both despise me now. We are now just individuals living together mechanically like robots.


Somehow I’m more blessed than I think. After witnessing my condition, my father’s sister who was present at that special dinner told me about Swartantra. I did my own little research on it and found out that Swartantra promotes healthy stress free lifestyle which I was desperately in need of.  Without a second thought, I decided to give it a try. And Swartantra did wonders for me. Moksha is device by Swartantra which curbs your stress levels with positive vibrations. With every session with Swartantra, I started feeling better and better about myself. My family and my wife saw the changes in me. I became calmer which helped me make my professional and personal decisions very wisely. I wouldn’t say I’m absolutely back to the normal state and that I got no more problems in my family, but I can surely say that day isn’t far away.

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