Monday, 4 July 2016

Stress almost got me bankrupt!

My story might sound like a nightmare from a tragedy movie but unfortunately it is as real as it gets. I think the month was March in 2011 when I along with my friend had just ventured in the apparel industry. Dresses and tops were our forte and we did some good business for a while. I was quite in the happy zone as I never really knew what “loss” meant cause our profit charts were at a all time high. It was my first successful venture without any prior experience and the very thought of this used to give me a high. I used to celebrate and how - alcohol, women, drugs were my 3 am friends. Success got to me but this story isn’t about my success.

Hello downfall!
Like I mentioned earlier, I never really had seen any loss in the business or in my personal life. I was completely unaware about the 123s of handling loss and how to emotionally react to a particular situation such as this. My business faced a major setback in 2014. I was psychologically paralyzed. I went under a lot of stress and that stress influenced a lot my decisions which further destroyed my business even more. I couldn’t feed my habits anymore. I was running out of money and had no clue how to deal with this particular state of mind.

Quick Fix!
While I was going through this horrendous storm of life, a friend of mine introduced me to gambling. He said and I quote him “Wave your financial troubles goodbye bro!” Little did I know, gambling would become the very root cause of all my financial troubles.
As a rookie at gambling, I started small and to my surprise I was doing good like I did in my venture! I started re-connecting with that feeling of achievement! I started betting big, like real big. I lost some and I won some. Point being, I was able to recover the losses because all I had to do is bet again! It was the same procedure only with different outcome! This went on for a while and honestly I was starting to get comfortable.  Then one day my destiny again tested my strength. I was on the gambling table about to gamble my life away. I was losing money which wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that I wasn’t recovering any money. With every loss, I was betting a bigger amount for the next round. I kept loosing and loosing even more. I was running out of money. It felt like my venture all over again. With no clue at hand, I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life. I was about to bet myself and if I had lost, I wouldn’t be any better than a slave!

A good advice!
Right at that moment, the very friend who had introduced me to gambling intervened and pulled me back. I’m not going to narrate the tale of my recovery but I will tell you one simple thing that there is always a better way to handle your stress! I was introduced to Swartantra by my elder sister who could not see me in such miserable condition anymore. It has a device called Moksha which is a unique technology that helps controlling stress with positive vibrations. I can’t control things which are out of my league like the loss I faced but now I sure can control stress which basically wins half the battle. Some choose smoking, some choose alcohol and some choose the better way, the Swartantra way. The choice is yours to make!

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