Saturday, 9 July 2016

It is actually rocket science!

I am normal guy with a normal lifestyle. I got no stress or anything to worry about in my life. When I hear horrible stories about people doing horrible things under stress, I sort of always wonder how bad it can actually be.

No stress:
I can’t really say that I have any stress. I lead a worry free life. I don’t work nor do I have to worry about money. My father earns sufficient enough for the whole family to spend. Don’t get me wrong but when there’s an option to do nothing, I prefer to do nothing!

Like I mentioned earlier, I got no worries in my life. I live a healthy and a stress free life. But somehow, I’m always restless and don’t know why which is bad. I can’t act on something I’m not aware of. And at least according to me, there’s nothing that can trouble me. Then why am I restless all the time? How can I possibly further normalize my already normal life?

Upon doing a bit of my own research, I found out that restlessness can have multiple sources. It can be a particular situation bothering you or it can be a psychological thing. I can’t think of any situation that I’m troubled with. So I concluded that this probably is a psychological thing. May be it’s all in my head. Whatever the source may be, I wanted to get rid of that feeling. It wasn’t pleasant.

I shared my worry with one of my close friend. He told me to checkout Swartantra. He even forwarded me its Facebook page link. Upon inquiring, I found out that Swartantra promotes healthy stress free lifestyle. Moksha is a device by Swartantra which combines amazing technology and faith to cure basic level health problems. Moksha is customized as per an individual’s birth year and location for it to produce personalized positive vibrations. All this was very fascinating and too good to be true. The helpless me decided to give it a shot. I ordered the device and started meditating with it on a daily basis. Only in a little while, I started noticing the difference in me. I started keeping calm. I felt more peaceful and relaxed. The best part is that I can carry the device with me everywhere I go. It packs a battery life of 6 hours. So on a full charge, I can use it about 4 to 5 times.

So if you are one of those who think you have 0 stress, you either are lying to yourself or are unware of its existence.

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