Monday, 11 July 2016

Weight loss with science

You might get a little confused with the title. Don’t worry, I’m here to explain everything. I am a 39-year-old house wife and this is the story of my weight loss journey with science, technology and faith!

I used to be a healthy lady. I wouldn’t say fit but I was alright, not that fat. It is during pregnancy when I started gaining weight which is normal. I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. With a baby in my life, I never really got the time to do light exercises to loose weight post pregnancy. I kept busy with the baby. As my daughter grew old, I grew fat! I had started eating much more than a normal human should. I didn’t know how I felt hungry all the time. I fed my hunger every time with huge proportions of food. Eventually I couldn’t sleep if I hadn’t had sufficient amount of carbs. Now I had entered the danger zone. I was officially under the obese category. My family started getting concerned. Even I realized that there is definitely something wrong with me and I need to find out what. I had to take immediate action because all the weight was starting to give me health problems.

Stress eating:
After consulting my family doctor, he said that I was stress eating. A lot of things in my life used to stress me out like my daughter’s future, her marriage, my future etc. I do tend to overthink things. And all this stress used to make feel hungry all the time. I was completely surprised with the theory but unfortunately it was very accurate. I never knew that subconsciously I’ve been depositing a lot of stress in the back of my mind and that these were its adverse effects.


My family doctor suggested me this device called Moksha. He said that this is something he has advised to a lot of people for reducing stress and all of them had given a positive feedback. He said just exercising won’t do the trick. As soon as you are stressed, you’ll start eating again. He asked me to get my personalized device and meditate with it daily for a little while. I followed his advice and started meditating with Moskha on a daily basis. I saw fabulous results just within 3 months of its use. I lost almost 20 kgs. Moksha didn’t just help me to loose weight but I also now feel much positive and stress free. I am happy to live in a generation where technology can do just about anything.

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