Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Genie in a device!

What’s a genie to you? What would be your ideal definition of it? I’ll tell you mine. A genie to me is someone who helps me out. I don’t really have any unrealistic wishes that I need some genie to fulfil for me. I’m more realistic. I would rather ask the genie to help me out with real world problems if I ever met one.

Real world problems:
I am a 35-year-old man and I drive a cab for a living.  The quality of my passengers varies from sweet to abusive. I can be sweet to someone who’s being sweet to me but I can’t be abusive to someone who’s being abusive to me. I would lose my job if I do so. As they wisely say, “customer is always right”. That’s the most absurd statement according to me but I still have to comply with it. It kills me not to say anything back whey they are cursing me.

Every kitchen has a chimney. The smoke generated when while cooking needs a way out.
You can’t live in a house full of smoke. For me, the smoke was the frustration I used to get from abusive customers. And even I needed some thing to let the smoke out. My most convenient option was my family! Not a day went by without me venting it out on my family. I used to feel pathetic. But I simply couldn’t help it. It used to happen organically.

On the edge:
This started affecting my sleep which in return affected my driving. Sometimes I have to drive late night as well and I can’t lose focus while driving in the dark. One wrong move and I could be dead. I was living life on the edge and I didn’t like it. I can’t change my job. Every job comes with its flaw. I can’t keep changing jobs because I can’t handle the work stress. I needed a better approach to handle the situation.

Remember I said sometimes I get sweet customers too. Well this one particular customer changed my life around.  She struck a conversation by asking me how I like my job. I narrated my story to her. She felt sorry for me. She told me about Moksha and that I should get one at the earliest. I researched on Moksha and found out that it’s an audio device which heals you from the inside with its positive vibrations. It helps in reducing stress and produces more positivity in you. I got mine and started using it. Moksha has a battery life of 6 hours. So on full charge, I can use it for 4 to 5 times which is perfect for me. I charge it completely and then carry it with me everywhere I go. When I don’t have any customers, I simply switch on the device and start using it. Moksha has helped me to a great extent. It helps me keep calm around the not so great customers. I no more lash out at my family. I’m now happy with my job and around my family. I can sleep better.

That’s why I say, I found my genie in Moksha.

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