Thursday, 7 July 2016

Failure, it’s not always good

Learn from your failures they say. Stand up to life and punch it in the face, get up every time you fall and try a little harder the next time, these and many more such quotes. I’ve had my inbox full with such messages since the past 3 years. What my well wishers don’t get is that not every failure is repairable!

Lord of the ring:
I used to be a professional boxer. Usually by the 3rd round of the fight, I would have my opponent knocked out. Focus, endurance, strength and stamina were my best friends. I was unbeatable. My goal was to win the world championship title which at that moment was pretty far from where I stood. But I was getting close to it with every fight I fought and won.

It isn’t easy to be a boxer. All of it isn’t easy. It’s takes a lot of efforts and sacrifices. I was young, dynamic and had a great fan following. All my friends at that age were married and I was busy training for my goals. I was advised not to have a family as it would be a major distraction. I was a little upset about that. Everyone needs that someone special in their life. But I kept myself motivating with bigger picture which was the world championship title. There were times when thoughts like not having a family would pull me down especially when I was stressed. Stress use to amplify my every negative emotion. Yoga and meditation would help to certain extent but somehow the stress was getting stronger. Closer I came to my goal, stronger became the stress levels.

I wasn’t really aware of any breakthrough remedies for curbing my stress levels. Stress started keeping me distracted all the time. It started weakening me at a very important phase of my life. It started affecting my performance in a major way and there was very little I could do about it.

Sucker Punch:
One fine fight changed my life. Like for any other fight, I was well prepared for this one too. And like for any other fight, I was stressed for this one too. Only difference was that I let stress take over me. I was almost on the verge of getting knocked out in the first round itself. Somehow I survived and that was the turning point of my life. I was completely distracted and more than my vision, my focus was blurred. Before I could get a hold of what was happening, I got hit by a power jab! I was knocked out obviously. But this wasn’t the worst part. The punch had pushed me real hard towards the turnbuckle. At that moment, I had passed out with the punch itself and had no clue as to how severe it was. As I regained my consciousness in the hospital, I got to know that the fall had twisted my neck permanently! I simply couldn’t move my neck. It was completely paralyzed. The doctors said this is going to stay this way till I die followed by the other bad news that I can’t fight anymore. I wanted to pull the plug there itself. My life had no meaning left. I couldn’t fight anymore, I had no family of my own and my goal was flushed down the drain. I fell in a pit of depression.


My doctor informed me about Swartantra. He said that it can help you heal psychologically. They are known for promoting healthy stress free lifestyle. Moskha is a device by Swartantra which produces positive vibrations which are customized for every individual. I started using Moksha and I can say it definitely works. My depression reduced to quite an extent. If only somebody had informed me about this before, I would have had my health now. It could have been worst though. I was suicidal for a long time. I’m still glad that I was introduced to it before it was too late.

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