Thursday, 7 July 2016

I had it all!

You know how they say that you need to control your emotions, I learned it’s importance the hard way! I am a professional singer and this is the story of my journey from fame to ashes!

You might have heard stories of people rising to fame from ashes but mine is the other way around! I am a professional singer, a famous one too. My father too was a professional singer. I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I never really had to do much to bag gigs in the industry. That being said, I genuinely do have a good voice too. My father’s network was an add on.

I was a hit with my first single itself. I started getting shows back to back. I use to be booked for months in advance. It was a wonderful phase. I was doing what I love and not just that, I was good at it too. I was paid handsomely for my work. It all felt like a dream.

Stress was a major part of my daily schedule. Be it with producers, event organizers or even with family sometimes, I had to deal with a lot of stress. My dad used to advice me on concerts that I should or shouldn’t do. I never really listened to him. I did what I felt was right and this used to upset him. But when my decisions proved to be right, it used to help me blow some steam off. All that stress would temporarily just vanish. So I never bothered doing anything about it. I thought time was taking caring of it. I was wrong!

Soon the stress started getting the best of me. I started fighting with the producers. I cancelled sold out shows. I started yelling at my father too. I started becoming a horrible person. Nobody wanted to produce my songs anymore. Nobody wanted to organize my concerts. I had it all, fame, money, family and I lost it all to stress.


Doesn’t matter how hard you despise your family, your family will always love you back. My father got me introduced to Swartantra. He said just like his voice, Swartantra will help you sooth your soul. I thought he was being jovial. I got my personalized device from Swartantra called Moksha. It’s a device you can meditate with to manage your stress and feel more peaceful. It actually does what it says. I haven’t stopped using it since my first use. I haven’t completely recovered my career as yet, but I am proud that I became a better person again. 

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