Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Stress - the worst drug. Ever.

I always thought that addiction is a silly thing. I have come across people who claim to have no sorts of addiction and that they can leave smoking and drinking anytime they want to. I myself was a chain smoker but I wasn’t addicted to smoking.  One day I just gave up smoking. I never had to stop my self from smoking or control my urge, nothing! It just happened and I never felt like smoking after that day. So I always thought there is no such thing as addiction and that if you’re strong willed, you can overcome pretty much any habit.
Stress Symptoms:
I am a well educated guy. I have had my share of alcohol and drugs in my yesteryears. But there was nothing that I couldn’t control.  I’ve had nominal levels of stress in my day to day life like any other individual. I use to manage it well. I had maintained a good balance in my life. Stress is something I never really took seriously. I would do nothing about it and just let it accumulate. Over a period of years, I started noticing minor changes in my behavior. I started feeling low. I started getting mood swings. I was affected by borderline depression too. All of this wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was, that I was somehow liking it!

It was a sick thought but I couldn’t help it. I was enjoying whatever that feeling was. Stress became like a drug to me. More I’m stressed, more pathetic I get and more I enjoy that state! It was no joke. My friends and family got worried sick. I use to feed my addiction almost on a daily basis.

Chronic Stress:
I did a bit of research to find out more about my condition. I got to know that I’m suffering from chronic stress and I was addicted to its symptoms. If you don’t manage your stress well which I thought I did, it can develop into chronic stress which is far more dangerous. Chronic stress can promote depression. Even after reading up on all of this, I never made any efforts to cure my condition. It started to affect my family in a big way. No body likes to see their child walk down the road of self destruction.

My grandmother decided to put her foot down and owned up the responsibility of curing me. She got this weird Ipod like device for me and said that this is going to help me out. All I had to do is listen to it everyday. I chuckled because I thought my grandmother had completely lost it. So just for her satisfaction, I started using Moksha. The first time I used it, I felt a bit weird but in a nice way. I didn’t really pay much attention to how I felt and just started using Moksha on a daily basis. Little did I know, I was subconsciously getting cured! My behavior started changing. I started becoming more positive. I still get stressed but I no more like staying stressed like I use to.  Every time my dark side feels like coming out. I just let Moksha take care it.

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