Sunday, 10 July 2016

Dark alleys of my life

Eating eggs before they hatch is not really killing of the animals. But aborting a kid before its birth is a full fledged murder. At least that’s how I see it. This is the story of my wife and how she killed 3 of my children.

Split persona:
My wife used to work with an airline company. She used to schedule the flights for them. She was always under constant pressure. If something went wrong with the timings, she got blamed. This used to frustrate her. She never really did anything about it. Never asked anyone to help her or to shift her to some other department. She always came home either upset or frustrated. This started affecting our marriage. She started suppressing all her feelings. She stopped emoting! She became a corporate robot. All the suppression developed an alter ego in her which wasn’t really pleasant.

In your face:
The 2nd persona that she had developed was pretty blunt and rude. She started becoming very selfish. Our love life went for a toss. She went for an abortion the first time she got pregnant. I was completely shocked. It wasn’t that we were planning on having a kid but that does also not mean that she had the right to abort the child without my consent. I was shattered. When I confronted her, she backfired saying what your problem is. It’s my body! I knew this wasn’t the person I married and this was all because of the alter ego she had developed.

Her behavior became more and more offensive by each passing day. She went for two more abortions and there was nothing I could do or say to stop her! My life became a living hell. I was helpless and didn’t know whom to approach for help.

I approached her family and told them about the situation. Her father is a spiritual healer. He told me about Swartantra. He said all the accumulated frustration and stress was the cause of that evil persona. Swartantra will help her with all the positive vibes and make her a better person again. I was desperate for any possible solution. I decided to go with Swartantra. I ordered a Moksha device by Swartantra which produces vibrations which helps in depleting negativity and soothing the soul. I forced my wife to meditate daily for a short while with Moksha. It took a while but I definitely started witnessing positive results. Today, I can proudly say that my wife has fully recovered and I can’t thank enough to this amazing technology. I can’t bring my dead children back but I surely did prevent the future deaths of my potential children.

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