Thursday, 7 July 2016

Inner peace, not really a myth!

I am a local preacher and the most recurring question I hear from people is that is inner peace really a myth? Every body wants to be happy at their core and lead a healthy life in this stress filled world. But is it really possible?

Let me answer this question; it is totally possible. Inner peace in not a myth. It is as real as any other thing in your life. I am a living proof. But unfortunately, a lot of people think the contrary. They don’t even know what really inner peace is. They don’t even know where to begin.

Living proof:
Apart from being a local preacher, I also handle my family business of construction. It’s a tough industry. Anger, stress, fights, all these are a usual part of my daily life. I ideally would love to keep my professional and personal life separate but it isn’t really feasible. I sometimes get calls even at odd hours of night. Before I knew about Moksha’s existence, I use to be frustrated all the time. I used to talk in a very arrogant manner which eventually frustrates the person on the other end and it becomes contagious. It spreads like fire and no body works well under a frustrated mental state. So this affected my projects badly which made me frustrated and angry all the more. I started shouting at just about any one. My family and friends started calling me “junglee”.  I eventually realized that I have to do something about this. I can’t stay frustrated and angry all the time. My grandfather then told me about Moksha.

Moskha is a device by Swartantra. Swartantra is well known for healing health problems. Moksha produces positive vibrations which are different for every individual. The device is crafted as per your birth date and birth location. This personalization gives you better results. Meditating daily with Moksha helped me reduce my frustration. I never miss a session. In fact, meditating with Moksha is the highlight of my day. It keeps me calm and makes me feel better about myself.

Inner Peace:
I am able to keep a fine balance between my professional and personal life now. Very rarely I get frustrated. This is my definition of inner peace and it is totally not a myth!

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