Saturday, 9 July 2016

I’m a half-murderer

There was a point in my life when stress almost made me kill myself literally. This happened during a very successful period in my life. But it was also a very stressful time. I wasn’t really good at managing my stress. The way I handled that stress severely impacted my health.

Half Murderer:
I felt like a ping pong ball which is continuously being beaten by life on one end and stress on the other. I gave up on my will to live. I wasn’t enjoying anything. I felt this was it for me and that it’s better to die peacefully than to live horribly.

I am a novelist by profession. I live in the world of fiction. My imagination has no limits. It can take me to wonderful places but it can also take to dark alleys. I got no control over my imagination and in a way, I like it like this. As a writer, I love to explore even the dark sides of my mind. It makes me more creative. What I fear is that I might get stuck in the dark world.

Stress is normal but not managing it right is not normal. Stress amplifies the negativity in me which eventually gives me darker thoughts. Thoughts that I fear might someday come true! Too much of darkness and negativity got me depressed. I started staying unhappy and gave up on life. I killed my own will to live.

I realized I need to bring about some changes in my life. I can’t change my profession. I love writing and for that I need my imagination to run wild and free. So I decided to change the approach.  My neighbor meditates daily and he says it helps him a lot to get through the day. So I asked him if I could meditate with him. That’s when he informed me about Swartantra. At Swartantra, they create a device which helps in reducing stress with positive vibrations. These vibrations are created separately for every separate individual. I got mine at the earliest and started mediating with it on a daily basis. The result was amazing. I’m not only more productive at my writing, but also much happier in life. 

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