Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Charity begins at home!

Think of me as a helper to a local community who unfortunately completely neglected his own family. I am a member of parliament. My voters look up to me. This is my story of how I got so engrossed in helping the community that I completely overlooked the problems existing in my life and in my family.

I am quite an influential man. People come to me with their troubles and I try my best to help them out. It’s a tedious job. People want their problems solved but they are unaware of the process that goes behind it. It affects my reputation if somehow I’m not able to help them. My reputation affects my power and eventually my job! My opponents feed on just about any chance they get to go against me. I have a well paying job but it comes with a lot of stress.

I barely get any time to spend with the family. I’ve provided them all the luxuries of the world except my presence! I wouldn’t know of any problems my kids have if at all they have any. I keep promising my self to take out time to be with the family but it just doesn’t happen which stresses me out even more. Even the little time that I spend with them, I’m usually on calls. I use curse words around my family which I’m not really proud of. My wife keeps complaining that If I’m not able to solve my own family problems, how would I possibly solve any one else’s. I started getting headaches with all this stress. I started staying sick. Meeting and helping my voters started becoming difficult by each passing day and all this started affecting my reputation.

I approached my wife for help. She agreed on one condition that I’ll have to be around the family much more frequently than I use to be. I first apologized for not being there and then I obviously agreed to her condition. She told me about Swartantra. She said she’s been meditating with a device called Moksha by Swartantra to reduce all the frustration and stress she got from me! I immediately asked her to lend me her device.  She said it doesn’t work that way. Her device was personalized in accordance with her birth date and location. My Moksha too will be personalized in accordance with my details. I ordered mine immediately. I started meditating with Moksha daily. The best part is that it’s a handy device with a pretty good battery life. So I can just carry it with me where ever I go and when ever I get free time, I meditate. I can’t thank my wife enough. Moksha is magical. It works its magic with the first use itself. I feel much more peaceful now. I regained my health and got back to helping people. I now keep a fine balance between my job and my family. My voters are happy and so is my family.

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