Thursday, 7 July 2016

Keep calm and believe in yourself!

Until now, the “keep calm” internet posts were nothing but just memes to me. I use to come across them, laugh about it and move on. I am a 25-year-old girl and this story is about my hypertension.

I’m a MBA student. I go through a lot during working college days. I run around a lot for my projects and have to deal with a lot of idiots on a daily basis. I am short tempered, like extremely short tempered. I once yelled at my mom because she woke me at 6:55 am instead of 7 am! All my classmates keep on telling me to calm down and take it easy but I simply can’t do it.

I am already suffering from hypertension and stress tends to amplify this condition of mine.
On days when I am too stressed, I start getting anxiety attacks. I get hit by depression too. Suicidal thoughts have crossed my mind a couple of times. I don’t know how longer I can fight them.

After noticing my demonic behavior, my friends and family suggested me to opt for some stress reliving activities like yoga or some light exercises. They also advised me to take some prescribed medicines to mellow out. I did give certain things a try but I guess they weren’t meant for me. I needed something effective and powerful to reduce my stress levels and get rid of anxiety and depression.


I came across this unique technology called Moksha on the internet. Not many were aware of this technology, so there was no way for me to validate its authenticity without trying out myself. And that’s exactly what I did. The device was carefully curated taking my birth year and location into consideration for better results. It’s an audio device that you have to meditate with. Spending only a little time with Moksha everyday gave me fabulous results. I started staying more calm and happy. My anxiety and depression started fading away. I now manage my days in a much better manner.  If only I knew about Moksha before I demonstrated my demonic side to my friends and family, I could have avoided all the embarrassment. 

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