Friday, 3 June 2016


When you are stressed, it shows on your body especially on your skin. Under

stress, your body produces epinephrine which tends to work against your skin.

The amount of oxygen reaching your skin gets relatively a lot less as the blood

flow to the surface of the skin decreases under stress. This results in dull

complexion. Don’t you just hate it when this happens especially when you’ve

put in a lot of efforts sweating in the gym or with your daily skin care routine

to get that glow? Don’t look 40 when you’re just 20! Don’t be a victim of tired

and pasty skin. Learn to reduce your stress levels the smart way, the


The protective outermost layer of skin if formed by the skin cells tightly packed

together on top of each other. It forms a barrier which prevents the bacteria

from coming in to prevent infection. This protective layer of skin is weakened

under stress. The lipids between the cells evaporate causing the outermost

layer to break forming cracks. These cracks make the skin more permeable

allowing the harmful bacteria to penetrate the deeper levels of your skin. This

makes your skin prone to infection. Skin issues like Eczema and Psoriasis are a

result of a protein which is produced by these bacteria. They can cause

irritation on your skin and can pull down overall body health single handedly.

Don’t embarrass yourself in public with visible rashes. Prevent such skin issues

from occurring by keep your stress levels to the minimum with Swartantra.

The protein that you might want to learn more about in this particular topic is

Collagen. Collagen is responsible for your skin’s elasticity which makes your

skin look absolutely amazing and youthful. Everybody loves having a healthy

and glowing skin but only a few know how to actually maintain this state.

Under stress, a hormone known as Cortisol is released by your body which

causes the sugar level present in your blood to shoot up. Increase in the blood

sugar promotes glycation in the skin which results in the damage of collagen.

This further leads to visible lines and wrinkles on your skin. No matter how

hard you’ll try to suppress these visible skin issues with creams and

moisturizers, they’ll keep re-occurring until you don’t control your stress levels.

Stop looking like an un-ironed shirt! Wake up and adopt a smarter and more

efficient way to deal with stress.

Do not take this lightly. There is a significant connection between stress and

increase in risk of skin cancer. We are quite aware of the fact that stress is

capable of lowering our immune system but did you know that your adult

immune response to fight against the skin cancer cells is even lower and

fragile! Because of a host of psycho-sociopolitical factors, stress has become an

increasing and inevitable part of people's lives. When the immune system

deregulates, it ends up inviting a plethora of diseases any including of skin

cancer. It is extremely important for you to protect yourself from the UV rays

especially when you are under extreme stress. The combination of UV rays and

stress can be very lethal. Let #SWARTANTRA take care of your stress with its

unconventional technology. All you have to do is plug in the headphones and

let the device work its magic.

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