Thursday, 2 June 2016



The world of sounds is vast. The source of sound can be humming, loud drums

or even bathroom singing. Influences of certain sounds, rhythms and vibrations

help us overcome from a wide variety of illness. Sound has the power to make

or break your mood. That upbeat tune playing at your gym gets you moving

and helps to motivate you to push the envelope. The rhythm playing at a yoga

centre helps in promoting your focus and concentration. A particular sound

can have a major impact on how you feel throughout the day. Try to imagine

the sound of loud drilling for an hour. Isn’t just reading about it irritating you?

Now imagine the mellow sound of a river flowing or that of the birds chirping.

Doesn’t it make you feel relaxed? Your mind and body reacts differently to

different kind of sounds.


Some sounds can make you feel better than the others. Your body knows

which sound to get energized to and which ones to slow down to. Sounds

created in a particular way can create a deep sense of well being. It can help in

reducing stress to promote healing. This theory is not something which has

been recently discovered. Chants and mantras have been a part of the Hindu

spirituality for centuries. Given the recent interest in mind-body medicine, it is

not surprising that this ancient tradition is experiencing a modern-day

renaissance. Sound therapy is one of the growing Subtle-Energy therapies that

make up the field of Vibrational Medicine.


Every part of our body has its own resonance. The whole concept of

Vibrational Medicine is based on the idea that the diseases you get are a result

of those natural resonances tuning out due to stress. Sound therapy helps in

reverting body’s vibrations to its original state very gently.


Swartantra is one such device which is carefully created by taking your

personal information like birth date, birth place and time of birth into

consideration. Hence personalized sounds are created for every individual. This

enables the device to be in sync with your body for you to get flawless results.

Meditating daily with Swartantra will help you to reduce your stress levels

which in return will improve your overall health. Try it to believe it!

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